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Creating a good brand identity is a core part of your product and business. Here's a collection of lessons to do just that.
Nick Elder
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1. Introduction
An introduction to Designing a brand
  • Beginning Graphic Design: Color
    Summary by Daniel
    - can draw your eye to certain elements
    - evoke mood/emotion
    - communicate ideas without words

    [1:06] [Color theory/wheel: Which colors look good together?]
    - Hue: another word for color
    - Saturation: intensity (from subtle to vibrant)
    - Value: how dark/light (from black to white)
    - Color harmony
    * monochromatic formula (one hue, saturation/value for variations)
    * analogous formula (colors next to each other on the color wheel)
    * complementary formula (opposite colors with some varieties)
    * split complementary formula (colors on the side of the complement)
    * triadic formula (perfect triangle on the wheel resulting in quite striking colors)
    * tetradic formula (forms two complementary color pairs with one color dominating and others serving as accents)

    [4:05] [Dos & Don'ts]
    - adjust lightness, darkness, saturation ("tone it down") for contrast when colors "vibrate" when placed next to each other
    - readability: neutral colors like black, white, and gray can help balancing the design
    - correlate the color with the message/tone you would like to convey (e.g., bright colors = fun, modern vibe; desaturated colors = business-like)

    [5:08] [Ideas/inspiration]
    - ads/branding
    - famous works of art
    - color palette sites
  • What I learned starting a brand from scratch – The Startup – Medium
    Recently, I set a challenge for myself: Create a product and start a brand.
    Summary by Udara Jay
    1. You need an awesome partner.
    2. Know what you’re good at and what you suck at
    3. You have to do EVERYTHING
    4. It better solve a fucking problem
    5. Good press and marketing don’t guarantee sales
    6. You gotta have passion for the thing
    7. All advertisers should start a product / brand of some kind
    8. Try shit out. See what works, what doesn’t, then do it again!
  • How To Design a Brand Identity
  • How to Design a New Brand Identity for Your Business
    Designing a brand identity for your business is a fun and creative process, but the pressure to create a design that both represents the values of your business and has commercial appeal can feel...
  • How To Build A Brand In 5 Days: Tips From A Designer [Infographic] – Design School
    Build a foundation for years to come.
    Summary by Daniel
    Day 1: Define who you are and what you do

    What’s your unique selling proposition? How are you different from the competition? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    Day 2: Define your client/customer/audience and how you want to speak to them

    Who are you talking/marketing to (persona)? How can you best reach them and keep in touch?

    Day 3: Make your personality shine through your brand

    Customers want to relate to you rather than a business, so be YOU in all you publish. What makes you you? What's your personality? Your hobbies? What are you passionate about? Anything in common with your business?

    Day 4: Make it official and professional

    Fake it until you make it; if your site looks professional and works flawlessly, your content and brand will be perceived that way - if it looks makeshift, you get the drift. Figure out your unique style and be consistent from the start.

    Day 5: Find your niche, deliver, repeat

    Consistently reach out where your customers are found