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Changing self-education with Alcamy • Alcamy
Changing self-education with Alcamy
Published on Nov 2017
Changing self-education with Alcamy
Alcamy bridges communities and self-learners with the best learning resources and discussions built around them. Our mission is to help people learn new things quickly and empower them to be successful through self-education.

We take an open, Wikipedia-like approach to curating content & information for self-learning. Call it a Wikipedia + Coursera + Reddit mashup. We make learning and teaching using the resources already available on the web open, free and exciting! 

1. Share

Anyone can create or contribute to a topic. Each topic is independently moderated by its original creators and moderators. Contributors can share resources like videos, research papers, tutorials and web articles. 

2. Vote and discuss

Anyone with an Alcamy account can vote, comment and summarize the resources available on Alcamy. Summaries help everyone learn things faster and comments provide valuable opinions and perspectives.

3. Learn

At the end of the day, Alcamy is a tool for self-learning. We provide a beautiful and user-friendly interface to discover topics you're interested in and track your progress as you learn. 

– Team Alcamy
Learn from these and many other topics on the Alcamy library.
This is our way of rewarding self-learners and those who contribute to curating knowledge on Alcamy.
  • How to earn more Karma?
  • Creating and teaching new topics
  • Contributing resources to new topics
  • Getting involved in discussions
  • Adding items to your Todo
  • Why should I earn more Karma?
  • Showcase your karma on your profile and standout wherever you go on Alcamys
  • Users with high karma are listed higher in activity feeds. i.e. Gain more exposure
  • Better chances at winning giveaways
  • As Reddit puts it: don't set out to accumulate karma; just set out to be a good person, and let your karma simply be a reminder of your legacy.