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1. Begin loving food!
Your go to spot for information on daily nutrition!
  • Society has done a great job complicating the simple act of eating. Through these posts, I hope to provide information that can relieve the burden from all those who have a love/hate relationship with food. Food is a source of fuel, it is to be consumed and enjoyed, but never feared. Explore this topic for the basics on nutrition and healthy eating in any given day.
  • Which food group is it?
    Which food group is it?
    What healthy foods are doing for your body and which food group they fall into
  • Why are food groups important?
    The Canada's food guide's food groups and portions are developed in order to assure individuals that they are consuming the nutrients that they require to keep their body functioning at optimal efficiency. Foods that belong to each of the four groups ( Vegetables and fruits, Milk and alternatives, Meat and alternatives, Cereal and grains) provide the body with essential nutrients in varying amounts. Following the food guide's recommendations will avoid deficiencies, keep you satisfied and maximize your energy metabolism.
  • How big are Canada'a food guide's portions????
    How big are Canada'a food guide's portions????
    Know how many portions of each of the food groups you should be consuming each day for your age and gender. Know the actual size of these portions.
  • Eating well with Canada's food guides
    Learn about Canada's food guides and how they can help you make healthy food choices. Also access history, labelling, advertising and copyright information for our guides.
    Summary by Udara Jay
    "Canada’s Food Guide is an eating plan to help children, teens and adults make healthy food choices. Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide was created by Health Canada and replaces the 1992 version called “Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating”." – Eat Right Ontario
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