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Udara Jay asked a question for Alan Kalbfleisch in Startup
1 year ago
Having successfully launched Pascal Press on Kickstarter what's one important piece of advice you give people who want to crowdfund their product ideas?
2 answers
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Alan Kalbfleisch – Founder and Inventor at Pascal Press Inc.
Generate buzz before you launch! You cannot expect to post a product on Kickstarter and get organic traction. Kickstarter has become way too competitive for that to work. Find your niche, and reach out to influencers and bloggers in that niche. Get a landing page with an email signup and make sure any article written about your product has a link back to your landing page. Email lists are incredibly valuable. You can expect a 20% conversion of sales from an email list!
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Eric Sheppard
I experienced a similar conversion rate from my email list during my kickstarter campaign for Sabres and Smoke: the War of 1812.

I started out small when I was approaching influencers. I reached out to smaller history blogs and used those features as validation to help my game get featured in larger blogs and news outlets later on.
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