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Learn some practical ways to prototype your idea before committing the time and effort to build it. I’ve always viewed prototyping as a means to an end. Whether I’m building a “looks like” or “works like” prototype, I want to be quick and invest as little time as possible to achieve my goal. I'll share techniques and prototyping tools you can use to get started.
Kunal Bhatia
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Alcamy member
Gadzhi Kharkharov
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Ask questions and share ideas
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Designing Your Sprint
7 items
The New Generation of Prototyping Tools
3 items
1. Introduction
An introduction to Prototyping Your Products Ideas
  • Why would you prototype?
    Prototyping is a fast way to test out any idea. Without having to spend the time and money to actually build it, you can get 80% of the way there with a quick and dirty prototype. Test it with people who would use your product and see what works. If your idea fails, know that you saved a lot of headaches had you gone to build it that way.
  • I'm a big fan of design sprints...
    Design sprints are a way to answer critical questions during a five-day process where you design, prototype, and test ideas with customers. Originally developed at GV (Google Ventures), design sprints use human-centered design and design thinking principles to get you started.
  • GV's Sprint Process in 90 Seconds
Designing Your Sprint