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How can you create an engaging and effective learning program? How to hook your learners, awaken their curiousity while not creating a cognitive overload and confusion?
Simona Dimitrova
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Ling Ye
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The Adult Learner
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8 steps to create a learning program
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Synchronous or asynchronous?
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Debunking learning myths
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1. Introduction
Learn about how to hook your learners, how to create a lasting value through your courses and help make the world smarter, a bit every day.
  • Why do you need to know about creating online learning courses?
    The study of learning is a fascinating journey that takes you through the expansive fields of philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. What is best about is that it is always developing. It is developing together with the central element of every act of learning - the human being. And it is being affected by a multitude of phenomena happening in our everyday lives since the beginning of time. From wars and revolutions to discoveries and inventions, from papyrus paintings to digital screens flooding us with information - we are constantly reinventing ourselves and so are our habits of learning. Learners are no longer expecting to learn from ink on paper. At the same time, they can't really benefit from passively watching a series of videos. They will get discouraged if the course is too hard. And they might get bored if it's too easy. How do you find the balance? They might be an expert in the field or a newbie who never heard about the subject. Which audience would you address? Do people today learn better with visual aids? Or is this simply an easier method to understand information that would not lead to the creation of a neural connection? Let's find the answer to those question with the best learning resources out there. Learn to become a better facilitator and to really make a change in your learners' lives.
The Adult Learner