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    Alcamy curates the knowledge of the web into structured learning programs that anyone can learn from and contribute to. It's a place for self motivated learns to share the best videos, research papers, podcasts and articles that help them learn new things.
    How can you create an engaging and effective learning program? How to hook your learners, awaken their curiousity while not creating a cognitive overload and confusion?
    Simona Dimitrova
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    The Adult Learner
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    8 steps to create a learning program
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    Synchronous or asynchronous?
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    Debunking learning myths
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    1. Introduction
    Learn about how to hook your learners, how to create a lasting value through your courses and help make the world smarter, a bit every day.
    3 steps to successful self-learning with Alcamy. 🤔
    Alcamy curates the most relevant learning resources under each available topics. Find something you're interested in.
    Browse around the topic and add all the resources your interested in (or the highest voted ones) to your Todo list.
    Then work through your list on your own time. We'll even make sure you follow through with a friendly notification if you fall behind.