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Primarily curating videos of a Stanford University class on Technology-enabled Blitzscaling taught by Reid Hoffman, John Lilly, Allen Blue, and Chris Yeh.
Salman Khan
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Blitzscaling series
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Founder stories
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Growth & Scaling
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2. Founder stories
Successful entrepreneurs share their startup stories and strategies.
  • Blitzscaling 06: Jennifer Pahlka on Founding Code For America and Starting the US Digital Service
  • Blitzscaling 04: Ann Miura-Ko on FLOODGATE's Thunder Lizard Theory and Achieving Product Market Fit
  • Blitzscaling 10: Selina Tobaccowala on Building a Global Business at SurveyMonkey
  • Blitzscaling 11: Patrick Collison on Hiring at Stripe and the Role of a Product-Focused CEO
  • Blitzscaling 14: Elizabeth Holmes on Managing Product Strategy, Regulation, and the Media
  • Blitzscaling 16: Reed Hastings on Building a Streaming Empire
Growth & Scaling