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We built one of the best tools for curating learning resources and teaching anyone, from students to employees, anything.
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Key features
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  • Organize knowledge. Teach anyone anything.
    Alcamy is a flexible tool for teaching online. Curate your knowledge and any other learning content from around the web and we'll take care of everything else.
  • Work with a community
    Work with a community
    Alcamy was built to be an open learning platform. Use the power of community and collaboration to curate the best knowledge and moderate topics.
  • Curate any type of resource
    Curate any type of resource
    Add anything from text content to links, videos and podcasts to create your topics. You can then change the order of the content and add summaries to make help others learn things quicker.
  • Organize by sections
    Organize by sections
    Meaningfully organize content into sections to make it easier to browse and learn from.
  • Make it public or keep it private
    Make it public or keep it private
    Make your topics completely public and leverage the power and contributions of the community to build the best learning resources online OR make your topics private and maintain complete control over your resources.