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2. Talks by leaders
Inspiring talks by leaders on starting a business.
  • Steve Jobs How to Start a Business
  • Elon Musk on How To Start Up A Business
  • Jeff Bezos - How To Start A Business
  • Gary Vaynerchuk: three keys to starting your own business | Larry King Now | Ora.TV - YouTube
  • Mark Cuban Advice to Entrepreneurs - Minimize Risk - Follow Energy Effort and Intelligence - Funding
  • Elon Musk and Y Combinator President on Thinking for the Future - FULL CONVERSATION
    Summary by Haishan Qian
    01:35 To Elon: what company would you start now?
    03:05 To Elon: genetics & death?
    03:48 To Elon: living forever? How long?
    04:15 To Sam: where would you invest?
    05:08 To both: where does energy fit into the future?
    06:43 Nuclear: fusion & fission
    09:30 Nuking Mars
    11:05 Why live on Mars?
    12:20 What's wrong with Earth that living on Mars is needed?
    13:58 Life beyond Earth?
    15:55 Are we all living in a simulation?
    18:27 How far away are we from living in VR?
    19:33 Model X -- how many people will buy it?
    20:45 Model Y & 3 deleted tweet
    21:44 To Sam: make the case for Tesla
    22:50 To Elon: do you think of Tesla as a software company?
    23:18 To Elon: hidden autonomous functionality?
    24:26 Sam: full autonomous timeline
    26:09 Age of entrepreneurs
    27:59 Every person has only one great idea?
    30:27 To Elon: how do you run two companies at one time?
    31:22 Innovation in politics; voting on our phone; who do you like?
    33:33 How corrupt is government contracts for space launches?
    34:43 To Elon: Government subsidies; could your companies survive without subsidies?
    37:06 Public questions begin
    37:24 AI: positive vision of AI's impact on human life
    39:32 Society not valuing the process of discovery?
    40:35 To Elon: Hyperloop; opinions on California transportation
    43:17 To Sam: Is business innovation slowing outside software?; To Elon: would Tesla/SpaceX succeed if your first company
    45:20 Sam to Elon: is it true you ran out of money starting the companies?
    46:39 Re charity, what will you give your money to?
Preparing a business plan